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Links are by area, not courses. You might find FEMA in Emergency Management and not Fire. Con law is in Legal Services.

Be sure to look across the areas for links that will help your class.

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Best of the Net:

California Educators Together – The great state of California has an insane amount of resources and lessons. Be sure to search with different key words. You do have to have an account – but they give them to all teachers: Click Here

Texas CTE Lesson Plans – The first link I share with new teachers. Texas has a starting point for almost every course in Law and Public Safety: Click Here

Kansas Center for CTE – Intro year lessons are alrady online – the whole year! You can apply to be PAID to submit other LPS course lessons. FREE registration for all teachers nationwide.

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Tech Tools Padlet – GOAT Lisa Funderburke has an amazing Padlet of student engagement resources. Be sure to drag the bar over to see all the links! Click Here

Classroom Timer – great way to make class fun or to set times for working: Click Here

Discovery Education – puzzles! Crosswords, word searchs and many other to help with vocab and reviews: Click Here

Rubistar – need a rubric? This website makes them for you. Awesome for projects and labs: Click Here

Screencastomatic – easy way to record presentations, shows powerpoint and such. Sort of Zoom but pre-recorded: Click Here

EdPuzzle – make a video into a lesson by inserting your voice, questions and even tracks to make sure kids finish the video: Click Here

NearPod – this allows you to create lessons that any kid can access. Video, instructional content, quizzes and student tracking: Click Here

QR Stuff – Makes QR Codes (those boxes with squares that you scan with your phone and opens websites).  Use them for scavenger hunts, posters in the school and projects: Click Here

Mentimeter – real time quzzes, polls and word clouds. Works on all devices. Great for informal assessment: Click Here

Remind – direct text your groups – up to 10 for free. SkillsUSA group, parents group, class period group – I saw 80% homework completion when I sent “reminds!” Users don’t get your personal cell#: Click Here 

GoFormative – a great way to implement intentional assessment. Click Here

Frayer Model Flashcards – an awesome literacy and vocabulary resource. Click Here


SkillsUSA – the organization for your program. It has tie in with curriuclum for soft skills, leadership and competitions: Click Here

LE Explorers – a great organization with a huge liability covereage. It does usually require a host agency: Click Here


National Institute of Corrections – the national agency over corrections. Research, news and ressources: Click Here

Georgia Department of Corrections YouTube Channel – dozens and dozens of videos on a varity of topics from careers to “Meth Madness”: Click Here Links Page – is a page with great stuff, but their links page is the Holy Grail: Click Here

International Corrections & Prisons Association – A ton of research. I mean “copious” doesn’t begin to descpribe it. Most of the research requires you to join – but maybe your school will pay? Worth looking around: Click Here


9-1-1 Audio Library – a collection of 9-1-1 audio files compiled by Dispatch Magazine Online: Click Here – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Emergency Medical Services 911 website: Click Here

911 Operator the Game – word on the street is this game is great. Need console to play but no internet required: Click Here

APCO – The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials: Click Here 

LA PD Actual 9-1-1 Calls – Audio of actual emergency calls fielded by LAPD 911 operators: Click Here

NENA– the 9-1-1 Association improves 9-1-1 through research, standards development, training, education, outreach, and advocacy: Click Here


Starting a High School Drone Program – with NC DPI’s David Barbour: Click Here 

Drones Pilots for North Carolina – a group that works with LAPSEN’s YouTube channel: Click Here 

FAA Public Safety and Law Enforcement Toolkit – Great starting place to learn about drones: Click Here

Drone Responders Learn about Remote ID, Operations Over People Find out how the Federal Aviation Administration is supporting the use of drones by the U.S. Public Safety agencies in this special webinar series hosted by Michael O’Shea, Program Manager, UAS Integration Office, FAA. Click Here

Intended for beginners and entrepreneurs by Emily Hines. This presentation is specific to real estate aerial photography. Click Here

Ken Heron flies in the DJI Simulator for the first time: Click Here 

Download simulatorClick Here 

Randall Warnas from FLIR – interviewing top drone manufactures: Click Here

Emergency Management

FEMA IS-22 Are You Ready – Good material for disaster prep. Click Here

FEMS Independent Study Courses – These are for you or your kids. These carry real certifications. Click Here

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) – CERT is a great program to fit into our courses. The certification is to help out as a local volunteer, but looks great on resumes and as a basic introduction to emergency management. Click Here

Extreme Event Game – Hosted by the National Academy of Science, this can be an in class disaster management activity or scaled up to a multi-school activity. Everything you need – Click Here

Homeland Security Lessons – From Georgia. Created around 2014. Materials for emergency management  included: Click Here

Emergency Services Lessons – From Georgia. Created around 2014. Has fire, first aid and emergency services: Click Here

PTSD for Public Safety – A great resource for industry & teachers! A 2018 study concluded that more law enforcement officers and firefighters died by suicide in 2017 than all line-of-duty deaths combined. That same study found that public safety personnel are five times more likely to suffer symptoms of PTSD and depression than their civilian counterparts. Click Here  


60 Seconds to Survival Disaster Triage Game – Amazing game that will teach the students to triage quickly. The first scenario is a School Shooting – so you may want to run by Admin first. Click Here


E-Fire Academy – Tons of stuff, plus training pages. Helped me in my first year of Fire! Click Here 

International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) – Textbook is great. Support materials are solid. Click Here 

Applications of Firefighting Lesson Plans – From Georgia around 2014. Complete lessons: Click Here


Forensic Science Teacher Tribe – Facebook page with shared Google Drive. Mostly science teachers, but amazing resources: Click Here

CSI: The Experience – fun site for the students. Has Education links: Click Here

CSI Accelerator – career information for students: Click Here 

A Simplified Guide to Forensic Science – BJA and the National Forensic Science Tech Center put together an AMAZING site: Click Here

Crime Scene Investigation Guide – FREE guide designed by BJA and NFSTC. Downloadable. Could be used as a textbook.  Great resource for students, too: Click Here

FBI’s The Handbook of Forensic Services – online, pretty cool for the kiddos to look at! Click Here

Reddy’s Forensic Page – the most COMPREHESIVE list I have ever seen of links for forensics. I start my kids on this site for all research: Click Here

Introduction to Criminal Investigation from Open Textbook Library – Totally FREE! Has crime scene and forensics. Take a look at chapters: Click Here

Brennon Sapp’s ENTIRE COURSE – Brennon has put his entire forensics course online. For Free (my favorite price). It is for science courses, but much can be used in CTE: Click Here 

Under the Magnifying Glass – from O.Berk packaging this is a great list of awesome education links. Thanks Tyler for the tip! Click Here 

Law Enforcement 

International LE Educators & Trainers Association (ILEETA) – is committed to the reduction of law enforcement risk through the enhancement of training for criminal justice practitioners. Their links page has some great resourses:  Click Here

Introduction to CJ Text from Open Textbook Library – Totally FREE! Worth using even for a small part: Click Here

Introduction to Criminal Investigation from Open Textbook Library – Totally FREE! Take a look at chapters: Click Here

Criminal Law from Open Textbook Library – Totally FREE! Take a look at chapters: Click Here

Ethics in Law Enforcement from Open Textbook Library – Totally FREE! Useful for some readings. Take a look at chapters: Click Here

Law and Justice – great materials and lessons for Criminal Justice. Requires registration to get everything – but FREE: Click Here

Legal Information Institute – Everything you need with Con Law, Law, SCOTUS, Civics and much more: Click Here

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers YouTube Channel – Tons of videos. Good for classes, but also staying current in LE: Click Here

Legal Services

Criminal Law Text from Open Textbook Library – FREE textbook. Aimed at intro course in college, but still useful. Click Here

Bill of Rights Instutitute – Free lesson plans and TONS of resources: Click Here

The Constitution Project – Free videos on legal rights and case law. Short in duration – they fit easily into discussions: Click Here

The Annenberg Classroom – Tons of free stuff, games, lessons, and videos on Con Law: Click Here

The Judicial Learning Center – Focused on courts and the Supreme Court. Excellent lessons and resources – Click Here

Legal Information Institute – Everything you need with Con Law, Law, SCOTUS, Civics and much more: Click Here


International Foundation for Protection Officers – Career Center and other resources: Click Here