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Welcome to the Law and Public Safety Education Network – LAPSEN

We are a national non-profit association representing the career and technical education instructors, administrators and partnering professionals who focus on the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security (LPSCS) Career Cluster. LAPSEN was founded to help instructors and others make a real difference in students’ lives. We provide resources, professional development, and connections to help them be more effective.

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What’s New On Our Site and Around The Country

Need some help coping with COVID?!

You are in the right place! LAPSEN is a network, meaning we are all here working together. Here are some things you might need!

SkillsUSA Offers Free Access to Online Career Readiness Curricula

Need a week or two of ready made online coursework? Career ready courses for free from SkillsUSA!

Virtual Mock Trials

Tim Hart in Georgia shares his plans for teaching Mock Trial in COVID

Teaching Report Writing Online

Tom Washburn from Georgia shares how he taught report writing during COVID. Ready to share. 

Free LPSCS Curriculum for Distance Learning - COVID Help!

Another LAPSEN Partner comes through HUGE! More online courses to use! Forensics, Policing and more!

Faces for Free

Greg Micek of Faces wanted to share a great tool with LAPSEN

NECI 911 Dispatch Training Partnership Announced

Through LAPSEN, Instructors certify through a novel program where they can then industry certify students.